Linkedbyroad project abstract

WELCOME TO THE MOTOR COMMUNITY ! was created in 2016 by two motorsports enthusiasts on the observation that there already exists on the net a lot of sites dedicated to clubs, brands, media, events, but no global site that allows to be the entry point.

The enthusiasts discuss and exchange on many unsuitable general social networks. Users group by affinity in chats, forums or discussion groups but only centered on their discipline and without possibility of exchange with other community. The Ferrari are among them, the lovers of English old cars between them and finally very little sharing between the communities.

Linkedbyroad has been designed to offer a common platform on which all lovers of everything that rolls will be able to meet, organize their event, read articles from our partners or suggest ones, build their network of friends, exchange with their friends or with other groups.

The Linkedbyroad platform brings together all the basic tools to create a social network of friends in the auto & motorcycle domain: invitations to friends, photo galleries, discussion groups, event management tool, …

The site also allows professionals to present their activity in the form of a directory of professional pages with general information about the services offered, photos and a link to the website of the advertiser. This helps not to be intrusive as an advertisement in forums while offering users the opportunity to do targeted research only on the products they are looking for.

There are several levels of membership on the site, with free level users with some limited functions, members paying a modest annual subscription and having all the functions of the site and finally the VIP, level reserved for known personalities. On the side of the advertisers are proposed, to faith professional pages, but also classic ads in the form of banners.

The site is currently available in French and English and other languages will follow.


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